Roberto Foa










Welcome to my personal web-site. Here you will be able to find links to my articles, cv, and current projects.

I am currently the Director of the Centre for the Future of Democracy, and the YouGov-Cambridge Centre for Public Opinion Research at the University of Cambridge. My research examines quality of government, regimes, and comparative social indicators. I am also interested in political methodology, including comparative survey work, index construction and design, geospatial analysis, and multi-method research. My academic work has been published in a wide range of Q1 journals, and cited in publications including The Economist, the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Guardian and The Atlantic.

I graduated from the University of Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BA), and completed my Ph.D. at the Harvard University Department of Government. I have previously served as a Peter Martin Fellow at the Financial Times, worked for the World Bank as designer of the Indices of Social Development, and founding president of the Washington European Society. I am a member of the Oxford Altius Society, and an Executive Committee member of the World Values Survey.

A link to my Google Scholar profile can be found here.